This is the list of the software related projects that I have been working on in the last years. For most of them the source code is available under an Open Source license.

Timeline of the Discovery of the Elements

An interactive visualization of the periodic table with a timeline that shows when the elements were observed for the first time.


A n-grams browser that uses data from Colombian news media. Heavily inspired by the Google Ngram Viewer.

Name gender classifier

A machine learning toy for predicting the gender of a name of a person in Spanish. That is, given a name the program determines wheter is a name of a man or of a woman. It is written in Python using scikit-learn and it also provides an HTTP API.

El tema de

An experiment to find the origin of recurrent expression in Colombian Spanish by analyzing the news archive of a Colombian magazine, consisting of 95,000 articles.

Recuente USTED los votos

A crowdsourcing experiment to check and recount the votes of the 2006 presidential election in Colombia, where there were fraud reports and inconsistencies in the results.

Visualizando Les Luthiers

A timeline visualization of the songs by the comedy-music group Les Luthiers.


An sbt plugin for generating the Java sources for Apache Avro schemas and

Spanish POS Tagger OpenNLP Models

Spanish POS tagging models trained using the CoNLL data and OpenNLP 1.5.2. The models are trained using the standard Spanish POS tags and the universal Part of Speech Tags as well. They are distributed under the same terms of the CoNLL data, so they cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Presidentes de Colombia

A timeline visualization of the Presidents of Colombia for comparing their ages and the time when they started and ended working in the position. Built with JavaScript and using Freebase as datasource.


Syme is an English dictionary for instant messaging services like GTalk and XMPP/Jabber.


A simple Jabber bot that lookups words definitions in the RAE dictionary.


Presentacular adds visual effects to slide shows created with S5


Tumbolia shows current news in Colombia using Google Maps.


TOL - The Open List, a community of bloggers.


An HTTP Sparql client written in Python that performs SELECT and ASK queries on an endpoint which implements the HTTP (GET or POST) bindings of the SPARQL Protocol.


Zebda is a javascript library built on Prototype for handling client-side form validation.