Spanish POS Tagger OpenNLP Models

These POS tagging models for Spanish were trained using the CoNLL data and OpenNLP 1.5.2.

There are two versions using a different model type (percetron and maxent) and there are also versions of the models using the universal Part of Speech Tags.

The models are distributed under the same terms of the CoNLL data, so they cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Files and Evaluation results

The following are the results of the evaluation on the testb dataset:

Tags Type File name Accuracy File size
Spanish Perceptron opennlp-es-pos-perceptron-pos-es.model 0.9606339 1.7 MB
Spanish Maxent opennlp-es-pos-maxent-pos-es.model 0.9629507 494.7 kB
Universal Perceptron opennlp-es-pos-perceptron-pos-universal.model 0.9611985 1.6 MB
Universal Maxent opennlp-es-pos-maxent-pos-universal.model 0.9629117 496.8 kB

Contact information

Please send your comments and questions to Juan Manuel Caicedo Carvajal.

Last update: February 2, 2012.