This Month

I did many things in this short month. It started with the Lunar New year and indeed it felt a bit like the real start of the year (and there were other beginnings as well). I also started writing again here, so it would be good to start posting more photos too.

We started with a great view of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl.

We spent the last day of our trip eating (of course), seeing the murals and visiting the museum. When we’ll come back, we’re probably going to do the same.

The next day I was back in Popayán. Planes indeed are faster than many other things.

Colombia is a great place for cycling. There, you don’t go and climb hills or mountains. You are on the mountains and you just ride along with them as much as you want.

Another plane. I will never get tired of that view.

Guava, like the library, but better.

We’re having a good time, but we have to go back.

I won’t get tired of this view either.

Good morning.