La vie en rose

Last Tuesday I saw La vie en rose (La môme), a film about Édith Piaf. Although I’m not a fan of her and I barely know her songs, I really liked the movie.

Notwithstanding her succesfull career, Piaf had a tragic life. She was virtually abandoned by her parents and lived her childhood in her grandmother’s brothel, she had problems with alcohol and drugs and during all her life she suffered health problems. Even if the film depicts all this, La vie en rose is not a sad movie; on the contrary, it’s an exciting story of a woman that starts singing at cabarets and then becomes one of the greatests artists of her country.

I also liked that the story is presented in a fragmented way: mixing events from her childhood with her lasts days, even if some situations are not clear because of this. I like to think that that’s how the memories came to Édith Piaf in her last night, remembering all the good and all the bad in her life and without regretting it.